Its estimated that about 80% of all donated money for charitable organisations is given by individual donors – i.e. ordinary people who give relatively small amounts of money on either a once off or regular basis.

However, the process of raising money from individuals cannot be undertaken in the same manner as seeking CSI funding, donations from trusts/foundations or grants from government. Raising funds from individuals isn’t rocket science but there is an art to get good results.

It needs strategising around how to find and communicate with prospective donors; how to write strong, emotive appeal copy, presented in an easy to understand format; what’s involved in building and maintaining a strong database of donors; and strategies to keep donors happy and encourage them to keep giving, with the ultimate aim of them leaving a legacy (bequest) gift.

Join experienced fundraisers and Papillon guest trainers who specialise in helping non-profit organisations build and maintain individual giving campaigns as they demystify this lucrative and generally undesignated source of funding. Topics covered include:

  • Understanding what makes people give
  • Fundamental principles of an individual giving programme
  • Multi-channel fundraising
  • Finding and keeping donors
  • The donor journey - from first gift to a bequest