Reconnecting with your Why

Based on the superb work done by Simon Sinek, this non-profit focused course, facilitated by Melanie Jackson, will guide delegates to refine their messages.

NPO board and staff members as well as volunteers know what their organisations do. They know how activities are carried out. But few people can clearly articulate why specific projects are offered. Potential supporters (donors and volunteers) are less interested in what organisations do, but care and want to know why they do what they do.

Melanie will guide delegates in standing back to reflect on the overarching problem/s to be solved within their NPOs. She will facilitate the distilling of these major issues/crises into solutions to guide theories of change and all planning.

Using a real case study, the step-by-step methodology shared will assist participants in refining their messages – to enhance communication and improve funds raised.

Next training date: 18 April 2024 – Online