Public Speaking

Jill Ritchie is an experienced fundraiser as well as public speaker, having attained the level of Advanced Toastmaster – Gold. In her former roles as Vice President of the Southern Africa Institute of Fundraising (SAIF) and chairperson of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), as well as past and current board member of numerous organisations both in South Africa and the UK, Jill regularly addresses audiences locally and abroad. As one of South Africa’s leading fundraisers, Jill understands the importance of good public speaking skills as an integral part of fundraising. She has moved, motivated and inspired thousands of people around the world to support good causes through her ability to portray, in her speeches, her passion and commitment.

In this participative, interactive and fun workshop, delegates will learn to begin to overcome their fear of public speaking, talk from the heart rather than read a speech, breathing techniques and body language (an amazingly large percentage of communication!). Participants will also be shown what not to do and how to avoid the most common pitfalls that instantly turn an audience off.

Even those comfortable with public speaking will gain from this course and will leave with invaluable tips for honing their skills. Attendees will be encouraged to address the group, but no one is pressurised to participate. Those who do so, will receive constructive input to help in the ongoing challenge of constantly improving their public speaking skills. Those who wish to participate are requested to prepare a brief (five minute) talk on the work of their organisation, with the primary objective of inspiring people to donate. In this supportive, safe environment, delegates will participate in developing their own speeches. In addition, those willing, are invited to deliver a brief ‘impromptu’ (unprepared or rehearsed) one-to-two-minute talk, thus preparing them for the inevitable times that they will be asked to talk without the time and luxury of extensive preparation.