Kick-starting the Fundraising Process

Papillon’s most popular service! Papillon Consultancy has been, quite literally, kick-starting the corporate, trust, embassy and foreign fundraising for South African NPOs for over 30 years. This service re-invigorates the funding and fundraising efforts. In this process, Papillon’s senior team of researchers, NPO marketing experts and skilled and experienced fundraising proposal writers, overseen by Jill, will:

  • Evaluate/audit funding sources to date
  • Analyse written materials (pamphlets, proposals, application forms and budgets)
  • Advise on existing marketing practices and methods (publicity, website, and use of social media)
  • Help to identify projects if necessary (as most donors only fund projects)
  • Ensure that budgets are laid out in formats preferred by donors
  • Edit or rewrite a proposal per project
  • Edit or rewrite a letter per project
  • Apply marketing principles to designing eye-catching cover pages for all document submissions
  • Carry out a customised donor research exercise to identify potential donors for the organisation with a motivation as to why each donor was suggested
  • Advise on foreign registrations to comply with overseas donors’ requirements