Income Generation for NPOs

Social enterprise in South Africa has rapidly become the rule and not the exception. With dwindling donor funds, NPOs are compelled to generate their own funding and broaden their social and environmental impact. While for many time and resource-strapped organisations this prospect may seem daunting, the truth is that social enterprise can be an exciting addition to an organisation’s offering. In this interactive and practical training session, Jill Ritchie will take aspirant NPO entrepreneurs through the essential groundwork that is needed before embarking on any income-generating activities. Jill will help lead delegates through the basics of income generation.

Topics include:

  • Definitions of social enterprise
  • Assessment of an organisation’s readiness to embark on a social enterprise
  • The basics of supply and demand – how to assess if there is a need for a product or a service
  • Idea generation for successful social enterprises
  • Basics of price, product and promotion for services offered/goods for sale
  • What now? An essential plan of action for turning your ideas into reality