2024 Online Annual Fundraising Conference

Once again, we have an exciting line up of speakers. The remarkable Bernard Ross will be presenting another masterclass, this time on Making the Ask.

Renowned fundraising guru, Howard Lake, member of the international voluntary team that helped draw up the Framework on the Responsible Use of AI, will introduce the complex and oft confusing arena of AI and how it can assist non-profits in general and fundraising in particular.

Video gaming is no longer just what Gen Zs in hoodies do. It’s become one of the most lucrative sources of funding. Julian Barrell, Manager of Jingle Jam – that has raised almost R588 million for good causes over the past 12 years – will demystify this exciting form of fundraising – that is not restricted to geographical borders.

The iZinga Assist team will be back with an update on this superb initiative. Shining lights of the South African non-profit world, Shelagh Gastrow, Ruen Govinder and Melanie Jackson (to name just a few), will offer their guidance.

With over 20 speakers, covering vital topics from crowdfunding, a fresh take on legacies and ‘Black Tax’, to a look at trends affecting fundraising in 2024, the March Papillon Online Fundraising Conference promises to be another great event.

Bookings close 8 March 2024