Storytelling to Unlock Funding

Einstein told us that to keep doing the same (wrong/unsuccessful) thing over and over will give us the same (wrong/unsuccessful) result. The NPO world is not static. It is live and ever evolving. Social media only rose to prominence in recent memory. Yet, today it accounts for mobilising substantial donated money. Crowdfunding is steadily growing. Almost R400 million has been donated via South African platform BackaBuddy. It is vital to keep up with the times. ‘Old fashioned’ corporate and trust giving alone will no longer sustain NPOs. This donor world too has drastically evolved and become harder to access.

A dynamic can-no-longer-ignore aspect of successful fundraising is storytelling. This art form is as old as man – but its adaptation as one of the NPO sector’s most powerful fundraising tools can no longer be ignored. Join us for Papillon’s Storytelling course and learn to motivate giving.

Topics covered include:

  • The science of storytelling
  • Why business has harnessed this art form
  • Why storytelling works for fundraising
  • Storytelling is not just verbal
  • Knowing the objective of stories
  • Planning and structuring stories
  • Applications of storytelling throughout an NPO
  • Tips on successful storytelling