Foreign Fundraising

This course is aimed at anyone from not-for-profit organisations, faith-based groups or tertiary institutions wanting to tap into the lucrative Northern donor pool. Papillion Consultancy, with offices in South Africa and the UK, has raised and assisted organisations in raising millions of pounds, dollars and other currencies over more than two decades. American foundations donate over $1billion outside the USA each year. UK trusts make 80% of their grants into sub-Saharan Africa. Jill chairs both the UK Fund for Charities and the SA-UK Trust Network in London. She was the first local fundraiser to raise money from the UK Lottery and she continues to work closely with many foreign funders. Papillion’s ongoing donor research and foreign fundraising consulting keeps the team in touch with Northern donors’ thinking and needs

Topics include:

  1. What is and isn’t foreign fundraising?
  2. The realities of raising foreign money today
  3. New opportunities
  4. Foreign fundraising proposal writing
  5. Completing application forms
  6. Fundraising from the UK, USA and Europe
  7. Nurturing donors
  8. A foreign fundraising trip – dispelling the myths
  9. Clarity on inexpensive foreign tax registrations