Income Generation

Jane Mills has substantial experience in setting up income generating initiatives for NPOs. She advises on navigating through the dynamic and opportunity-rich landscape of social enterprises.

Making/earning/generating income offers a unique way for non-profits to embody their purpose and mission, attract volunteers and supporters and bring in much needed income. Jane shows client organisations’ staff/volunteers that social enterprises need not come at the expense of an NPO’s mission, but are rather a profitable way to add to it. As sustainability is more than a balance sheet, income generation must be designed to make use of what exists and not come at the expense of an organisation. Jane guides on social enterprises that can be maintained with minimal oversight and management. Using an organic approach, Jane provides social enterprise enabling services, including:

  •  Initial 30-minute free consultation
  • Audit of existing opportunities: short, medium and long-term
  • Drafting of strategy and implementation plans in line with an NPO’s purpose
  • Assistance with management board buy-in
  • Utilising networks
  • Marketing, branding and advertising
  • Trials and tribulations – what not to do!
  • Preparing staff and beneficiaries to be social enterprise ready
  • Protocols and procedures: what to clarify before beginning
  • Assistance with compliance requirements
  • Financial forecasting