Funding Audits & New Sources

Delegates will be assisted in assessing which aspects of their NPOs’ current fundraising and other resourcing are working well and should be enhanced and which need reviewing. In planning for funding, participants will be introduced to numerous sources of funds to identify those which could be incorporated into their resource mobilisation plans. This course helps one understand the various sources of funding available to NPOs and will inspire new ideas and help delegates’ organisations diversify their income bases. If an organisation is dependent on only a few sources of income, it puts itself in jeopardy should one underperform. By investing in a range of resourcing methods and targeting different audiences, this risk is substantially reduced.

Topics covered include:

  1. Which sources of funds would be suitable for your organisation?
  2. Which sources might your organisation be missing?
  3. What income generation is or could be undertaken?
  4. Considering together a range of ways to resource an NPO, school, faith-based entity or tertiary institution.
  5. Is your NPO deriving money from, or even investigating these sources?

Many sources of income will be explored – potentially ones that won’t have been thought of before. This exercise is initially aimed at ensuring that delegates have clarity on the resources available to their organisations. It teaches the useful skills of analysing and predicting income and, ultimately, each delegate will have produced – in real-time and for their own organisations – the initial outline of a funding plan.

Next training date: 9 April 2024 – Online