Fundraising for Dummies 4th ed


Fundraising for Dummies 4th ed
by Dr Beverly A. Browning

This long-time favourite and go-to guide for fundraisers globally has been updated to be relevant to the world of social media. Not only does it cover all the (unchanged) basics of fundraising, but it also embraces the world of digital fundraising, which, if neglected, will impact negatively on both maintaining existing funding sources and, vitally, accessing new and younger donors.

This easy-to-follow advice on getting creative about donations will suit fundraisers, board members, volunteers and staff members in any NPO or tertiary institution. This packed guide covers numerous tips, advice and lessons, including:

  • The role of a fundraiser
  • Sources of funding and how to secure funding from each source
  • Using the latest online fundraising tools and social media techniques to reach out to audiences
  • Making fundraising easy with examples and templates for donor letters

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