2024 Online Annual Fundraising Conference Programme

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Tue 12 March 2024: Day 1

08:00 | Zoom Room Opens

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08:25 | Welcome

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08:30 | The Importance of Building Reserves

Presented by Clara Kwizera

Clara Kwizera will share the importance of NPOs establishing and growing reserves and tips on doing so. She will also address the vital field of sustainable management of reserves for resilience within not-for-profit entities.

In addition, Clara will provide insights from the Giving Report V to assist delegates in their vital fundraising processes.

09:15 | Working within Partnerships

Presented by Nazma Hendricks

Nazma Hendricks will share her experience and offer advice on NPO partnership and collaborative funding.

Traditional fundraising often dictates that individual NPOs compete for money from the same pool of donors. Many fundraisers avoid joint/partnership funding applications as they are often considered to bring more problems than benefits.

Nazma has many learnings to share (good and bad) from such partnerships, which donors encourage.

10:00 | Tea

15 min Tea Break

10:15 | Digital Branding for Non-Profits

Presented by Ruen Govinder

Ruen Govinder, a South African trailblazer in harnessing tech and online media to support and enable social activism, will share some of her wealth of knowledge.

A strong online presence and good UX (user experience) not only helps to attract donors, but also helps to cultivate NPOs’ online communities, building trust in nonprofits’ brands and amplifying organisations’ impact. This all aids in increasing donations, volunteer time and online sharing. Ruen will use #Nonprofit as a case study to demonstrate success in this vital and often misunderstood field.

Having established and guided the maturing of the #Nonprofit digital magazine, the country’s go-to space for all matters not-for-profit and which has rapidly become the optimal place for NPOs to publicise vacancies, Ruen makes a point of keeping up to speed on the rapidly evolving world of tech. Bringing her deep and invaluable understanding of civil society, Papillon is honoured to have this dynamic lady share her latest tips and guidance on how non-profits can benefit from their digital communications.

11:00 | Storytelling in The Non-Profit Space and How to Weave into Social Media

Presented by Warren Lodge

Marketing guru, Warren Lodge, will provide tips and insights into the all-important arena of NPO storytelling. Organisations that share powerful stories online are supported: funding, volunteers, donations-in-kind and their social media posts are shared. Warren says: Great stories always start by introducing the protagonist. Who is the person to follow in this story? Who is my guide? Who will I identify with? And once I know who they are and why it’s important, we identify on a deeper, emotional level. The rest is easy!

Too many non-profit staff and volunteers post irrelevant and uninteresting information (or irritate people by constantly appealing for money). Too few NPO people ‘get’ the essence and importance of the power of storytelling to set online posts apart. Warren will simplify and demystify this vital task.

11:45 | Introduction to Fundraising through Gaming and Livestream Content Creation

Presented by Julian Barrell

Generation Z are ripping up traditional fundraising and giving models and inventing incredibly creative new ways to raise funds digitally. Thousands of gamers and gaming content creators, using livestreaming on platforms such as Twitch and Youtube, are raising significant sums of money for their favourite NPOs. The largest online gaming-themed events, such as Jingle Jam and Thankmas, are raising tens of £millions annually for non-profits globally. And yet, for individuals and organisations not operating in this space, very little is known about this new area of fundraising.

Expert in this field, Julian Barrell, Manager of Jingle Jam, will explain the basics of how gamers under the age of 30 are raising millions for charity and what it might mean for the future of fundraising. He’ll talk through the basics of the key platforms (Twitch and Tiltify) and explain how they can be used to raise money for delegates’ organisations. He’ll also deep dive into Jingle Jam as a case study and explain how and why it’s raised over £25m to date, with little public profile outside the gaming world.

Excitingly, much of fundraising via gaming is international in focus with little regard for borders and geography – countries with a growing market of online streamers and Twitch users will increasingly be able to operate in this space.

12:30 | Lunch

30 min Lunch Break

13:00 | The Role of AI in Sustainable Fundraising Practices

Presented by Howard Lake

In this session, fundraising guru, Howard Lake, will explore how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can prove a sustainable tool for fundraisers and donors. Considering previous adoption of digital tools and opportunities, he will explore the sustainability of AI tools and thinking to fundraising business models, to fundraising staff, donors and in terms of its environmental impact.

AI is here to stay and can no longer be ignored! Howard’s presentation is clearly needed by everyone in fundraising – urgently!

13:45 | Donor Engagement Strategies for Institutional Fundraising

Presented by Carolin Gomulia

Carolin Gomulia’s session is for fundraisers and CEOs from organisations that rely on funding from trusts, foundations, corporates and foreign missions. Tailored for people needing to establish and maintain relationships with such donors, she will explain the significance of establishing robust connections with institutional donors and will explore the various effective methods to cultivate and enhance such relationships. Carolin will delve into the reasons why this is crucial and how strong donor relationships can significantly bolster an organisation’s chances of securing funding. She will also offer practical strategies on how to effectively demonstrate the value of projects to institutional donors.

14:30 | Tea

15 min Tea Break

14:45 | iZinga Assist – an Update

Presented by Derek Lubner and Henk Swanepoel

In this session, Derek Lubner and Henk Swanepoel, the visionary founders of iZinga Assist, will be back to share their insights and foresight within the NPO sector. Their presentation at last year’s Papillon Conference sparked an unprecedented surge of interest, and it’s great to have them back to discuss iZinga Assist’s remarkable progress and its plans for the future.

iZinga Assist is a revolutionary platform transforming the philanthropic landscape through fostering a culture of trust and transparency in the South African nonprofit sector. This critically needed free service verifies the compliance, financial standing, governance, and impact of NPOs, providing donors with the assurance they need to make informed giving decisions.

Derek and Henk will delve into the platform’s development, the impact iZinga Assist is already having in its infancy, and their ambitious plans for iZinga Assist’s future growth.

15:30 | Black Tax: Will it Continue to Restrict Individual Giving?

Panel hosted by Daphney Nemakhavhani

South Africa has given the world a great deal – everything from Madiba and others’ sacrifices for freedom and Archbishop Tutu’s commitment to sharing the concept of ubuntu widely.

The local term, ‘Black Tax, has also gone global, with Mzansi credited for its origin. Wikipedia says: Originating in South Africa, Black Tax refers to money that Black workers, especially professionals and others with higher income, give to their parents, siblings, or other family members, often out of obligation or a deeply ingrained sense of family responsibility.

This commendable practise means that many thousands more people are helped out of poverty and younger members of extended families receive a sound education.

Fundraisers (of all backgrounds), however, anguish over their presumption that high-earning Africans are slow to embrace donating to non-for-profit entities, citing their “Black Tax obligations”.

Is this true? Are more and more African professionals supporting good causes? Or not?

Panellists, hosted by Daphney Nemakhavhani and joined by Sibonelo Dube and Theresa Moila, will consider this sensitive but important topic – one with far reaching impact on South African society in general and the sustainability of the NPO sector as well as the broad availability of quality schooling and world class tertiary opportunities.

16:15 | More than Money: Crowdfunding

Presented by Erica Schofield and Lakiwe Blekiwe

Koketso Diole, Senior Analyst at Standard Bank, South Africa, Erica Schofield of Circalyst and Lakiwe Blekiwe, Head of Charity at BackaBuddy, will offer a unique opportunity in understanding how crowdfunding can be a catalyst for meaningful change. They will delve into how crowdfunding is a powerful platform for community engagement, marketing, and social impact. Whether as an ongoing strategy, or to access startup funding for NPO income-generating adventures, this session promises to be enlightening and inspiring. Erica, Koketso and Lakiwe will show how harnessing the power of collective effort through crowdfunding, with a successful campaign, could raise funds, and so much more…

17:00 | Closure

Wed 13 March 2024: Day 2

08:00 | Zoom Room Opens

Tech Team

08:30 | Is your Annual Report a Page-turner … or a Yawn Fest?

Presented by Melanie Jackson

An annual report is an invaluable feedback mechanism and an excellent marketing tool, but in the wrong hands, it can be dull, dreary and worthy of file 13 only! In this session, Melanie Jackson will unpack the elements of a good annual report and explore a few brilliant examples.

09:15 | Latest Trends in Fundraising

Presented by Jill Ritchie

Fundraising (and other methods of resourcing not-for-profit entities) is an ever-evolving arena. Not only is tech moving at a mind-numbing pace but donors – institutional and individuals – are changing and developing the way they think and give.

Seasoned fundraiser and consultant, Jill Ritchie, constantly monitors these changes and will share the vital emerging trends that can only assist anyone needing to raise money, irrespective of the cause.

10:00 | Tea

15 min Tea Break

10:15 | Ordinary fundraiser…Extraordinary results!

Presented by Zina Rotherham

A peek inside the heart and mind of an ordinary fundraiser doing extraordinary things. Zina Rotherham, Development Manager at The Almond Tree Children’s Village, will share the elements that have contributed to making her fundraising career a success.

Among other tips, she will discuss how good character influences people and how having the wisdom to read and respond to people well, reduces the challenges experienced by fundraisers.

Zina’s generous advice, promises be an encouragement to others on the same journey.

11:00 | Key Elements to Attracting (rather than chasing) Support

Presented by Shelagh Gastrow

Seasoned South African non-profit specialist, Shelagh Gastrow’s presentation will involve a paradigm shift away from ‘chasing money’ to attracting support. She will share why donors find certain organisations more appealing and what an organisation should have in place to ensure enhanced support.

Shelagh will also delve into clarity of purpose; innovation and change; the role of social leadership; the link between marketing, communications and fundraising; relationship building as well as financial planning and metrics.

11:45 | Maximising Legacy Income

Presented by Elbie Postma Botha & Jill Ritchie

Hundreds of millions of rands, dollars, pounds and euros are left in people’s Wills to non-profits, tertiary institutions and schools globally each year. But this is the proverbial drop in the ocean when compared with potential funding from this lucrative funding source.

Innovatively combining a background in law and her passion for the non-profit sector, Elbie Postma Botha harnesses her legal knowledge to share tips for enhancing income from legacies.

Supported by Jill Ritchie’s wealth of experience in advising on and implementing bequest programmes in 100s of NPOs, schools and tertiary institutions (in SA and the UK), this session will offer new ideas and motivate delegates to rethink bequest income.

12:30 | Lunch

30 min Lunch Break

13:00 | The South Africa We Deserve

Presented by Peter Burdin

Peter Burdin, who brings a wealth of knowledge from decades as an international journalist, lecturer and mentor, will provide stats about news coming out of Africa not being written by Africans. He will encourage delegates to share the wonderful stories of the impact made by their organisations – to balance the incessant negative reports emanating from South Africa and many other African countries. Sharing good news stories often results in funding and volunteers.


13:45 | Capture Planning - What to do Before Pursuing a Funding Opportunity

Presented by Dr Carolyne Opinde

Highly qualified and experienced fundraiser and consultant, Dr Carolyne Opinde is back by popular demand.

She will share the important groundwork to be done before embarking on fundraising. With planning all too often neglected, Carolyne will guide delegates through capture planning – vital steps that can only enhance fundraising and its chance of success.

In this session, Carolyne will guide participants in building a robust capture plan that aligns with their organisation’s mission, vision, and value. She will also share tips on effectively communicating plans to NPOs’ current stakeholders and potential donors.

14:30 | Tea

15 min Tea Break

14:45 | Masterclass: Making the Ask

Presented by Bernard Ross

Learn the Secrets of Solicitation Success

All fundraisers need to make solicitations – Asks, in person, in writing, on the phone or even on Zoom to major donors, to CSI staff and to foundations. The experience is high risk, but with the potential for high pay off if the process is managed effectively.

Globally renowned consultant, Bernard Ross, will present an intensive workshop to introduce delegates to a systematic five-step process that has helped museums, universities health agencies and humanitarian bodies to secure significant funds in single gifts. He will share his five key systematic steps to structure prospect engagement:

  • Passion: creating the correct emotional state
  • Proposition: shaping an idea to make it easy to understand
  • Preparation: getting ready to meet an individual and anticipating challenges
  • Persuasion: adjusting to another’s communications and decision preferences
  • Persistence: handling challenges and objections

20 Innovative Tools

Within these five steps are 20 innovative tools drawn from psychology and neuroscience that will enable fundraisers to win people over to their cause in high payoff one-to-one situations. These tools will enable one to move beyond old-fashioned mechanistic Moves Management. Bernard will cover:

  • How to get yourself and your prospect into the ideal mindset for a gift
  • Becoming a philanthropic pharmacist – stimulating a donor’s altruism addiction
  • Shaping your case for support using four key frameworks
  • Building rapport with challenging prospects
  • Pricing your philanthropic propositions effectively
  • Responding to the nine Nos that donors share

This session is based on the best-selling book, Making the Ask, by Bernard Ross and Clare Segal.

Learning Outcomes

The session will help participants to:

  • build confidence and capacity in asking major donors for substantial support
  • understand the key elements and tools to use in a successful solicitation
  • practice these skills – listening, understanding, handling objections, and building rapport.
16:15 | Announcements & Closure

Programme subject to change