Mentoring Staff

With three decades' experience in all aspects of raising funds, Jill Ritchie and the Papillon team offer the service of one-on-one mentoring and capacity building of fundraising staff. Due to the chronic shortage of qualified, skilled and experienced fundraisers in South Africa and the SADC region, Jill and the team offer this dedicated and focused mentoring service to build the capacity of one or more staff members in NPOs. This service has proven highly successful, with a number of people and organisations (including those in tertiary institutions) gaining an in-depth understanding of resource mobilisation and their organisations raising substantially more funds as a result.

This service takes between six and twelve months and provides those being mentored with constant, dedicated and tailor-made guidance and advice.

Mentoring does not have to be restricted to only one person in an organisation – for the same fee, NPOs, universities, schools and faith-based organisations are encouraged to allocate a few staff members or volunteers to undergo intensive one-on-one mentoring to both improve their own fundraising, writing, research, planning and all other skills vital to successful fundraising as well as benefit the organisation by increasing the funds raised and generated.

Anyone being mentored may attend any Papillon Press and Consultancy training course anywhere in South Africa at no charge for the duration of their mentoring contract. A more cost-effective option of being mentored as part of a small group might also be considered for organisations on tight budgets. In addition, Jill mentors experienced NPO professionals, particularly fundraisers, in becoming consultants.

'The efforts of Jill and the Papillon team added the polish of professionalism to our new fundraiser’s enthusiasm and her willingness to step into her new role. With the sound foundation of a thorough fundraising plan, an income audit, funding proposal and understanding of the importance of monitoring and evaluating progress, we were well set to move forward.'

Sandra Fowkes, Acting Managing Director, Camphill Village West Coast'

When I was first involved in fundraising, 20 years ago, it was Jill to whom I turned for help. She mentored, guided and taught me. I still remember the important things she taught me – and which I now, in turn, teach to others. In those early days, she corrected all my initial attempts at proposal writing with red pen – a lot of red pen! But so kindly done. Jill is an excellent teacher as well as being a master fundraiser.'

Pippa Shaper, Development Director, Home from Home