Kickstarting the fundraising process

Papillon’s most popular service! Papillon Consultancy has been, quite literally, kick-starting the corporate, trust and foreign mission fundraising for South African NPOs for 30 years. This service has rapidly re-invigorated the funding and fundraising efforts for numerous organisations. In this process, Papillon’s senior team of researchers, NPO marketing experts and skilled and experienced fundraising proposal writers, overseen by Jill, will:

  • Evaluate/audit funding sources to date
  • Analyse written materials (pamphlets, proposals, application forms and budgets)
  • Advise on existing marketing practices and methods (publicity, website, and use of social networking)
  • Help to identify projects if necessary (as most donors only fund projects)
  • Ensure that budgets are laid out in formats preferred by donors
  • Edit or rewrite a proposal per project
  • Edit or rewrite a letter per project
  • Apply marketing principles to designing eye-catching cover pages for all document submissions
  • Carry out a customised donor research exercise to identify potential donors for the organisation with a motivation as to why each donor was suggested

‘Jill and I had many discussions to arrive at a concept that worked for a major application. A year and many iterations, learnings, submissions and phenomenal teamwork from my colleagues later, we were awarded substantial three-year funding.’

Adri Marais, CEO, TSiBA Education