CAN DO! is a memoir based on Kevin’s challenges and highlights in the corporate, non-profit sectors and personal life and covers his diverse experiences and wisdom gained across these spheres. CAN DO! is an easy read, perfect for anyone seeking inspiration, leadership, business acumen and personal development over a variety of topics and is packed with personal stories, insights and techniques. Prescribed reading for ANYONE wanting to make a positive difference to the world we live in! This book has the power to change lives.

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CAN’T!’ is not a word in Kevin Chaplin’s vocabulary. From humble beginnings, he realised that the only way to change his world was to act  ̶  a philosophy that has stood him in good stead ever since. First with a 26­-year career in banking from which he took the bold step as a senior executive to change direction and establish the South African Ubuntu Foundation, and second to rescue the Amy Biehl Foundation (now Amy Foundation) from the brink of bankruptcy and go on to create a thriving organisation, changing 1000’s of lives. Kevin’s life has been a roller coaster of experiences which he chose to share by writing this book so that everyone can benefit.  A lateral thinker, Chaplin’s success can be ascribed to an ability to see business and personal challenges as a means of motivation to generate creative and innovative ideas and ways of solving problems.

Kevin lives the Mandela mantra:  ‘It always seems impossible until it’s done.’ Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela [1918 – 2013]

Kevin stands tall as one of South Africa’s most visionary, selfless and unifying leaders. – Brett Tollman, Chief Executive, The Travel Corporation

I know Kevin to be a very determined and solutions-driven person, who through commitment and very astute managerial skills, was able to ensure that the Amy Foundation would survive and thrive. – Ahmed Kathrada, political activist, Rivonia trialist, ANC MP

Kevin’s passion is infectious. He is a man whose mission is to leave this world a much better place than he found it.  – Philip Krawitz, Chairman, Cape Union Mart

Kevin’s enthusiasm and passion are what makes him successful, along with the fact that he has very clear goals – all of which are key ingredients for success. – Raymond Ackerman, former chairman, Pick n Pay

Kevin is a great leader who is cut from a different cloth. I’ve learnt a lot from him, and this book has much to teach us. – Yvonne Chaka Chaka , singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur

Rodney Mazinter, Intellect, writer and President Rotary International – If there is one book you need to read this year it is Kevin Chaplin’s, “Can Do! – Making the Impossible Possible.” It is a riveting account of one motivated man’s journey through life in South Africa and his triumph over the huge odds he comes across on his passage as South African seeking reconciliation with all shades of South African society, especially since 1990. It is filled with positivity and a never say die attitude when faced with the momentous changes in the country. How he faces up to and overcomes difficulties that would daunt most of us. Buy it! Read it! and share it with your children and loved ones. If South Africa is to succeed we owe its message to future generations.

Keiran Hercules, Chapter one radio: I’ve read many books like Robert Kiyosaki books, Eckhart Tolle and Napoleon Hill. CAN DO is honestly one of my favourites, with so much positivity. The book takes you on a journey and so much of it involves people’s everyday life. You can relate and that’s what makes it so powerful. A Must read.

Lwazi Mankahla, CEO Distell, SA –  I could not sleep and finished it in a week. Well done, it’s a really good book, inspiring and thought-provoking.  It had me evaluating my own life.

Candace Griffith, PhD, Assistant Professor, Augusta University – I really enjoyed the book. It really spoke to me. I so look forward to handing copies out to my students.

Stacey Kratz, Assistant Professor, University of Southern California  – I just spent my lunch time starting to read Can DO! And couldn’t put it down. Wow! I need to order more and give it out to my students.

Sam Dreyer, Co-ordinator Henley Business School – The MBA class have absolutely loved reading the book. A powerhouse of lessons. Well done, this book is awesome and your talk too. You are so inspirational. We would like to order again for the next class.

Malcolm Westmore, Owner, Westcor, SA – I have Just finished reading – What an incredible story. You really are a great inspiration. I have a question for you – If you were to put together a 6 or 12-week course flowing out of your book – what would that look like?

Shay O’Brien, Owner, Bray Capital and other businesses, Switzerland – I did a talk last night to 370 German delegates for an hour and when preparing my talk I used excerpts from your book. The talk was about Success and your book was a tremendous help and my talk went down really well.  I could see I hit a home run, so thank you for that inspiration.

Travis Russell, Manager, TR Associates, SA  – I have to express my absolute enjoyment I am experiencing reading your book. I’ve never been so motivated to finish a book as I have with yours.  In chapter 5 and looking forward to finding out more☺️I’m feeling really motivated in my personal life as a result of only a couple of pages.. your life’s experience is extremely inspiring.

Glen Heneck, Owner, Crazy Stores, SA– I am inspired by your positivity, humour and love of life that just radiates off the pages. It’s really a great read, and the life lessons are effortlessly but artfully woven in, especially for business people and entrepreneurs. The exciting, inspiring, instructive story, rendered in fluent, easy to read, dead honest prose. If I could write like that I’d change the world, as you’ve actually done.  Kol hakavod ( Hebrew) as they say in my part of the woods.

Nomore Mapanzure- Executive, British American Tobacco, SA – I have finished reading your book, you have a remarkable story, very remarkable. Very well written and an inspiring journey. I love the acronym WATCH and THINK. I have a habit of highlighting books as I read and study at the same time… well done again Kevin a great journey right from page 1. Very timely and really helps us all to reflect on what is important in life. It has a brilliant conclusion and the excerpt on Living a Life that matters poses a timely challenge to us.  Thank you for taking the time to share your story in this manner, you can never imagine how powerful this is. I will be an evangelist for this one and encourage others to get a copy. What is mind-blowing is your humility, learning about the Amy story and your stellar FNB journey and good fortune which speaks of who you are.

Naomi Khan, Owner, Cle Properties, SA – Lawrence could not put your book down until it was finished. I am now busy reading. Wow. Everyone in business should read this book and I am so pleased I bought it for all my staff.

Brett Kaplan, Director, Woolworths, SA – Wow! Your book is fantastic, a motivational memoir on steroids! Your story of Ubuntu, the lives you have touched and the difference you have made in South Africa is truly remarkable. The scale of your global reach is impressive and your unique ability to connect with people of all backgrounds and cultures is inspiring. Well done Kevin, you are a true champ!

Jackson Fairchild, Manager Red Carnations Hotels, Palm Beach, USA – I have gained a great wealth of knowledge from your stories and life adventures and I started applying your lessons to my own professional and personal life.

Roger Butterfield, Retired CEO & Chairman, London – Your book is truly inspirational and enjoyable, fortunately, none of the English vocabularies so often used but not understood! I couldn’t put it down. Thank you for 15 hours of inspirational reading.  I would like to buy more and send them to various friends in the UK. The world needs the Kevin’s of the world after the aftermath of the virus.

Maarten Seckel, Retired Director, Rabobank, Holland – Compliments! The layout of your book with all the photos is excellent. You have an interesting career. I could have used some of your advice when I was a banker myself. You were ahead of your time.

Robert Watson, Business Consultant, Northern Ireland – You have a fascinating story to tell. If you could bottle your energy, enthusiasm and positivity you would make a fortune! I hadn’t realised until now just how disruptive, devastating and downright scary the experience with Amy Foundation in 2018 was. I don’t think anyone would have blamed you for walking away. I admire your resilience and courage in facing down those that would seek to destroy the fantastic work carried out by the Foundation which is down, in no small measure, to your drive and leadership. I recognise you have another battle on your hands steering the organisation through the coronavirus crises, so best of luck.

Melanie Burke, Businesswoman & Chairperson StreetSmart and Symphonia SA – I have not moved from my chair since I started reading your book, my husband had to make lunch. Wow, well done. I am going to share with all my network. Thank you so much for sharing so many powerful messages.


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