Anyone in the NPO sector who ignores the rapid advent of artificial intelligence (AI), does so to the detriment of their non-profit. THIS is the time to gain an understanding of this invaluable field and to harness its power to assist, where appropriate, in your organisation. AI is way more than Chat GPT assisting with research, writing, and editing! The speed at which donors’ and potential donors’ interests, likes, dislikes and much more, can be analysed to enhance individual relationships and support for NPOs is now at lightning speed, thanks to AI. AI Fundraising

Cometh the hour, cometh the people!
It is heartening to see the emergence of Fundraising.AI a global group of non-profit professionals who believe in responsible and beneficial AI:

Fundraising.AI envisions a thriving nonprofit sector where AI for fundraising is utilised ethically, responsibly, and inclusively to maximise the positive impact on communities and causes worldwide. The result of this work will be witnessed by an increase in charitable participation.

Our mission is to empower those working within or for the fundraising profession with the knowledge, tools, and resources to adopt AI technologies responsibly and to promote a culture of privacy, security, data ethics, inclusiveness, accountability, and transparency within the charitable giving sector.

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And don’t miss the 2024 Fundraising. AI Global Summit on 1 October. Bookings are now open and it’s free! The programme features and incredible lineup of global leaders in AI for non-profits, including one of the stars of the recent Online Papillon Fundraising Conference, Howard Lake.

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