Frequently asked questions about our services:

How much commission do you take?
We don’t. We do not work on a commission basis, but charge a monthly or even hourly fee. For instance, we raised R8 million from the UK Big Lottery for one client – it would have been immoral to have ‘creamed-off’ even 10%. We recently raised R17 million from just two donors for a tertiary institution – taking a commission off that would also have been unethical. Working on a commission basis is also contrary to the practise of the Southern Africa Institute of Fundraising (SAIF), to which Papillon Press and Consultancy staff belong and on whose Board Jill Ritchie served for five years as National Vice President and also chaired its Ethics committee.

Do you fundraise for individuals?
No, we only raise money for registered non-profit organisations. Individuals seeking funding are best advised to do so via the social and other media and through arranging events.

Will you undertake to raise money for a conference?
No, sorry, we don’t fundraise for conferences or one-off events. Funds required for conferences are from sponsors, not donors.

Will you introduce us to donors?
No, sorry, we do not offer this service. There are no short cuts to the arduous process that is fundraising. Each application/organisation must stand up on its own merits.  Donors have systems and processes and these must be respected and adhered to. A few of our services include potential donor research, which is done holistically. Also, while we are working with a client organisation (or after the end of our time involved and  if we are comfortable that we can recommend the organisation) we do occasionally recommend NPOs, tertiary institutions, schools and faith-based groups to donors. This is ad hoc and informal and is generally done via an introductory email after briefing the donor and obtaining their permission to do so.  We never undertake to make such introductions.

How long is an initial contract?
Papillon Press and Consultancy does not lock its clients into lengthy contracts. Our philosophy is that you retain our services for as long as you are happy with our work. A two-month notice period applies both ways, enabling both parties ease of termination.

Which organisations do you not take on?
Organisations not yet registered and not yet able to seek funding are advised not to seek consultancy services too early.

How much is your consultancy fee?
We charge per hour for consulting (advice) time. Fees are quoted when appointments are booked. Hourly paid consulting provides an opportunity to discuss any aspect of fundraising, PR, marketing or management issues within NPOs. It does NOT include the editing or writing of proposals, letters or any other documents. In addition, fundraising consultancy is not appropriate for for-profit initiatives, even if their clients are NPOs or destitute.

What if we want proposals written?
Proposal writing as a stand-alone service is not undertaken. Our Fundraising Kick-starting service might be considered.

Can we telephone for free advice?
We regret that we do not have the staff available to offer a free telephonic fundraising advice service. We encourage you to consult our varied and ever-growing list of fundraising publications. Brief replies will be sent to emailed queries. If the query is complex, a consulting session will be suggested.

Frequently asked questions about Fundraising and NPO Management:

We have R4 million in reserve. Will this count against us when trying to raise money? Should we “hide” this money?
No! Having sufficient money in reserve – usually in an endowment fund – should be the long term goal of every organisation. Once this amount is sufficient, the interest generated can cover all running costs.
Donors view financially sound organisations as well run and do not generally penalise such good governance when requests for funds are received, as corporate and trust donors mostly fund projects.

We would like to apply for funds in the USA but have heard that we must register there and that it is very expensive to do so. Our board members won’t approve this expense, as there is no guarantee that we will raise any money. What should we do?
This registration, in terms of 501 (C) 3 of the American Inland Revenue Services, is similar to our Section 18 (A) of the Income Tax Act, gives the donor a tax rebate on donations. Should you opt to join the American Fund for Charities or the UK Fund for Charities, the fees are nominal.