Successful Volunteer Management

Volunteers can be the backbone of an organisation. NPOs such as the NSRI and St John Ambulance have services provided entirely by volunteers. CBOs and smaller charities also rely on volunteer help. Whether an NPO, faith-based group, service club or school relies on just a few or a few hundred volunteers, this course will be of immense value. 

Not many people realise the costs involved in utilising volunteers. And what about the legal implications? Why do some organisations receive excellent volunteer help while others get landed with life's misfits? How do volunteers affect paid staff - are they afraid that they might lose their jobs if they are surrounded by volunteers? How does one find a volunteer? The answer to these and numerous other questions that most NPO managers have not even thought of are covered in this intensive course offering a wealth of facts, tips and invaluable guidance on every aspect of recruiting, managing and maintaining volunteer help. Delegates will each receive a copy of the book, Making Volunteering Work by Michele Williams. This excellent publication also provides electronic templates of ‘form’ documents for every aspect of volunteer recruitment, screening, appointment, management and disciplinary procedures. 

An optional additional service, only for delegates to this course, is the opportunity to send customised volunteer management plans, policies, codes and other documentation to the Papillion team for comment and advice. (Note: this does not include a re-write or edit but comment and advice only, as an extension of the learning gained during the course).