Human Resources and Labour Relations for NPOs

James O’Brien, Papillon’s human resource and labour law specialist, offers an intensive course for NPO, school, faith-based bodies and club managers (irrespective of the size of an organisation) in HR procedures and labour relations. In the interests of avoiding conflict, litigation (as well as excessive hours spent at the CCMA, and harming the name of an organisation via negative publicity - think of the potential reputational damage to an NPO’s brand by just one disgruntled staff member via the social media . . .), James packs the key issues into this popular course. He covers the developing of HR procedures such as recruitment, grievances and retrenchment as well as the application of:

  • the Labour Relations Act
  • the Basic Conditions of Employment Act
  • the Skills Development Act
  • Dispute resolution
  • Ensuring fair labour practice with NPOs.

Papillon – and South Africa – is lucky to have someone of James’s experience and understanding of all aspects of HR. Many NPO managers deem this to be a minefield, yet James feels that South African labour laws are not as unfairly stacked in favour of employees as many think, but that the problem is rather that NPOs do not comply with HR procedures. Join James in this intensive course as he demystifies this field in the interests of strengthening our sector through sound and fair labour relations.