Johannesburg Programme

Peeling the Onion – Successful Crowdfunding
Crowdfunding is well established and BackaBuddy has made it very user-friendly to raise money via its platform (R138 million raised for SA causes to date). However, many have failed at crowdfunding too. In this informative talk, Patrick Schofield, BackaBuddy CEO, will both point out pitfalls to avoid as well as guide delegates on how to succeed in the competitive arena of crowdfunding.

What is news? How to get the media to cover NPOs’ stories
It’s an ongoing lament within the NPO sector: ‘the media are awful; the media don’t use our stories’. Media specialist, Seymone Moodley, will explain (from the media perspective) what is newsworthy and what is not. Understanding the thinking and needs of editors and journalists will substantially assist NPO staff members and volunteers in having media coverage of their organisations, its projects and impact. Seymone will also provide guidance on how best to utilise the social media in order to have traditional media outlets pick up on newsworthy/publishable stories.

The Perfect Mix for Sustainability
Highly experienced leader, fundraiser and creative thinker, Ari Seirlis, will provide guidance and creative advice on fundraising strategy while also juggling  fund-spending, to ensure sustainability of NPOs. Undaunted by life’s challenges, Ari instinctively sorts through the ‘noise’ to identify the priorities to guarantee success. In the month that he took over as the National Director of QASA, there was R110 000 in the bank, with a goal of creating sustainability over a five-year period. Presently, the organisation has liquidity of R11 million in a number of different investments, and also assets of R6 million, including properties and three computer centres. Ari drove this transformation. He is traveling from KZN to share his knowledge and it is an honour to have his expertise.

Fundraising from the UK – an Update
Jill Ritchie specialises in advising on raising money from the UK, where she has an office. She has raised many millions for SA NPOs and universities from this lucrative area, from trusts, statutory bodies, bequests, individuals, HNWI and events. She chairs the SA-UK Trust Network and UK Fund for Charities and advise on these orgs’ roles. UK fundraising is not like seeking funding in SA, the USA or anywhere else. Jill understands the nuances as well as vital registration processes required and will share these and, importantly, explain the mind-set that guides British donors. She will also demystify Gift Aid. Jill will provide an overview on and guide delegates to prepare their own queries to be addressed on the second day, if necessary.

Unpacking B-BBEE – the Afrika Tikkun experience
We are constantly told of how NPOs can benefit financially from B-BBEE legislation. Major corporate donors, however, have highly paid consultants advising them on realising their points and levels. Simply telling a potential donor company that, by making a donation, they will benefit from B-BBEE and expecting this to leverage money and strengthen a fundraising pitch, is a myth. Companies know exactly how their CSI giving and other support helps them. There are numerous B-BBEE consultants out there (most of us have attended pointless, time wasting courses and gained nothing as few presenters/consultants are experienced in addressing this complex and ever-changing topic from the perspective of NPOs). Refreshingly, Onyi Nwaneri has in-depth experience in guiding NPOs in strategizing for maximising of funding from within the opportunities enabled by this legislation and will share how Afika Tikkun achieved substantial success in this arena.

Creating sticky campaigns: why an integrated fundraising and comms strategy is essential to success
This session aims to give practical tools to fundraisers and leaders who are struggling with getting their organisations to stand out in order to attract and retain more donors, increase credibility and increase the amounts donated to their charity. It focuses on the theory of why an integrated and impactful fundraising and communication strategy and execution plan are no longer optional but essential in today’s emergent funding climate where little is guaranteed. Serai Herbst will take participants through practical examples of how this proven approach has been successfully applied to three organisations, with different focuses, varying resource bases and varied stages of growth, to show that this approach is applicable across continents for any organisation regardless of focus area or life stage. She will also introduce the tools used to do this practically (strategy maps and performance indicators). 

Income Generation
There is not enough donated funding for non-profits. Fact. NPOs must make/earn/generate money as part of their annual income mix. Those that do, thrive. Not only do they benefit from additional income but, critically, this success breeds success. Donors support non-profits that do something for themselves other than fundraising. Alison Mc Vey, from the Johannesburg Children’s Home (where income generation has revolutionised their sustainability), will share learnings, ideas and inspire. She will be joined by Sue Matthew who has extensive, global experience in advising non-profits on income generation via trading. With plenty of time for questions and discussions, delegates are encouraged to share their NPOs’ concerns and queries on this critically needed avenue of resourcing their organisations.

Impact: Illusion or Disillusion?
A changing development ecosystem, rapid technology changes, a new impact economy, innovative and blended financial models, and the SDGs – all call for a formidable expansion of existing monitoring and evaluation systems. Over the past two years the OECD has done extensive research and made changes to its current performance management framework. This framework is generally excepted as the gold standard for professionals and practitioners in the social sector. What does this mean for an organisation? How do you create impact, how do you prove impact, how do you measure impact and how do you report on impact? Reana’s talk – Illusion or Disillusion – will focus on this changing context and provide some insight into how an organisation can be better prepared for a future where impact is the new currency. It will include advice on how to refurbish a current evaluation toolkit, inform about the latest global trends, practices and standards and guide in moving from disillusionment with performance management systems to create meaningful and measurable impact.

Oversight – unintentionally missed the carriage
Pearl Tsepantse, Senior Development Officer and Tswhane University of Technology (TUT), will generously share her learnings and mistakes on her journey to being the successful fundraiser that she is today. The talk will focus on building traditional fundraising methods and why these are so important and lucrative.

JK – Special Guest
The Papillon team is delighted to have secured a special guest to share a great story of what one person can do (and has done) to support NPO beneficiaries. All delegates whose CBOs, NPOs, tertiary institutions, schools or faith based entities that serve women or teenage girls are requested to give Jill or Yolandi their business cards (or write their names, name of organisation, email and website onto the card size papers for a draw for support during this inspiring session).

You are Not Your Audience
Non-profit staff and volunteers tend to develop copy for their websites and social media posts from their points of view. However, everyone is different and different audiences respond best to different messages, priorities and wording. Specialist in social media for non-profits, Yolandi Greyling, will advise and guide on the importance of the development of powerful copy that will resonate with various audiences.

Oversight – unintentionally missed the carriage
Pearl Tsepantse, Senior Development Officer and Tswhane University of Technology (TUT), will generously share her learnings and mistakes on her journey to being the successful fundraiser that she is today. The talk will focus on building traditional fundraising methods and why these are so important and lucrative.

From a donor’s perspective
We so often hear what donors in CSI and foundations want and don’t want and like and don’t like. Donor representative, Dianne Richards, Old Mutual’s Monitoring and  Evaluation Manager, will share requirements for funding and also answer delegates’ questions.

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