Creative Thinking for NPOs

Renowned leaders in creative thinking such as Edward de Bono, John Hunt and Bernard Ross, agree that thinking creatively is a skill that can be learnt, constantly honed and evolved. Jill Ritchie has spent many years utilising creative thinking to benefit her client NPOs' fundraising and mentoring of their fundraisers, board members and executive staff members in arriving at innovative fundraising, income generating and other ideas to benefit their organisations. Join Jill on one of the most fun and innovative courses offered by Papillon, to unlock your creative thinking, release innovative ideas and master the skills to share with colleagues to benefit your NPO holistically and its fundraising in particular.

Topics include:

  • Intuition
  • An enabling environment for creative thinking
  • Setting your imagination free
  • Lateral thinking
  • Being first/ahead of the pack with a new idea

In this hands-on session, a few lucky delegates' own NPOs will be used as case studies and will be able to take newly generated ideas away with them. Others will benefit from the practical exercises in innovative ways to fund, resource and benefit their organisations.