Strategic Plans and Writing up Business Plans for NPOs

Alarmingly few NPOs have business plans, in fact many people often confuse business plans with funding proposals! Although having their roots in business plans for the corporate sector, business plans for NPOs are invaluable. Many people are daunted by strategic planning and the business plan which is written up as a result. This course is aimed at demystifying the process - whether doing an overall business plan for your organisation (funders love them), a business plan for just the fundraising process or even for a project – as requested by some donors. In this session, Jill Ritchie shares these skills in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step manner on running strategic planning sessions and writing up the conclusions, plans and budgets into a business plan. Both conventional methods of strategic planning as well as an outcomes based method (what do we want to achieve and how are we going to do so?), will be presented. She will provide guidelines and templates to assist in the compiling of business plans for an NPO. This course is of equal value to established organisations as it is to new ones or those being formed. 

Delegates will have the opportunity to actively participate in both a planning exercise and the compilation of a business plan. A business plan template and a sample business plan are included in the notes provided. 

An optional additional service, only available to delegates to this course, is the opportunity to draw up a business plan and send it to the Papillion team for comment and advice. (Note: this does not include a re-write or edit but comment and advice only, as an extension of the learning gained during the course).