Advanced Fundraising Proposal Writing

Jill Ritchie was a writer before ever raising a cent. She therefore found a natural home within the field of fundraising using her writing skills. She has raised over R2 billion from writing proposals, carefully choosing wording for application forms, copy writing for individuals, developing powerful sponsorship proposals (which differ entirely from CSI), writing copy for the newsletters of old and the tighter requirements of online writing of today. Jill keeps in close contact with donors in South Africa and abroad and receives constant feedback on the quality (and lack of) of the documents that they receive. Surely if organisations’ staff and volunteers want their requests funded, a basic area to address is to ensure that the best possible writing is submitted? People who care about good writing really care!

Join corporate, trust and foreign fundraising specialist, Jill Ritchie, as she uses actual proposals (poorly written) and edits them, in real time, explaining the reasons for each improvement. Delegates need not have substantial experience in fundraising to attend this advanced workshop as the focus is on the power of written English. It is, however, ideal that delegates are either experienced in the layout of funding proposals (or have attended Jill’s course on Fundraising Proposal Writing).