Mentoring of NPO Service Providers

There is a global shortage of fundraising and appropriate marketing skills in the non-profit sector. South Africa too has a chronic shortage of good fundraising professionals. With 135 000 organisations dependent on donated funding, there are huge opportunities for good consultants and service providers. Papillon Consultancy offers the unique service of mentoring experienced fundraisers and NPO marketers to become service providers and consultants to the sector. Some of the most successful consultants in the country started their businesses as Papillon mentees.

Jill offers a rare combination of being a born entrepreneur and having three decades of fundraising experience, including over twenty years as a consultant.

Mentoring of experienced fundraisers and NPO marketers is tailor made to each client’s needs and can be anything from a one-off meeting to a year or more of ‘handholding’ and advising in real time. New service providers and consultants’ clients also benefit from this service as their needs addressed as an integral part of this service. Critically, Jill also advises on the business aspects and options of starting a new enterprise.

'We are lucky to have Jill in the sector.'

Calvin Maseko