Human Resource Procedures

James brings to the NPO sector decades as a senior human resource director. He offers South African organisations the specialised service of developing all relevant HR procedures in order to be both legally compliant as well as to ensure the smooth running of all aspects of employment. James has seen time and again how NPOs, as employers, inadvertently fall foul of labour practices, generally due to ignorance, the lack of a specialist HR practitioner, and time constraints. He offers NPOs, schools, faith-based bodies and tertiary institutions the specialised yet cost-effective services of:

  • Setting up of HR procedures
  • Developing recruitment procedures
  • Drawing up contracts of employment
  • Proper management of grievance procedures
  • Management of retrenchment procedures
  • Sound health and safety procedures
  • The preparation of employment equity plans
  • Writing up of disciplinary procedures
  • Helping to write policies covering:
    • Sexual harassment
    • Absenteeism
    • Leave
    • Smoking