HR and Labour Relations

Non-profits, small and large, schools, faith-based bodies and tertiary institutions largely spend donated money – money entrusted to them. Most large organisations have in-house human resource practitioners. However, a number, irrespective of size, annual budget and number of staff members, have no labour specialist on their staff. An alarming number waste substantial hours after labour disputes arise, and are then required to appear before the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) where many organisations lose – not due to not being ‘in the right’ but due to having neglected human resource procedures. A disturbing number of grievances brought to the CCMA by employees against NPO employer organisations culminate in NPOs having to pay up – wasting donated money – simply due to not having been compliant with procedures. James O’Brien, Papillon Consulting’s human resource (HR) specialist, offers non-profit entities cost-effective HR services to save time, money and to preserve their reputations as well as ensuring fair, equitable and legal labour practices for staff members.