Papillon founder, Jill Ritchie, conceptualised the outsourcing of corporate/trust/foundation/foreign fundraising for South African non-profits and universities. She was the first to offer this service in the country. Over three decades, more than R2bn has been raised for Papillon’s client organisations.

The Papillon team undertakes fundraising from South African companies and trusts as well as international trusts and foundations for NPOs, tertiary institutions, faith-based entities and schools.

The service also includes arranging fundraising events. However, the Papillon team cannot undertake to sell tickets/guarantee guest attendance. Although the team generally secure a third of guest numbers, it remains the responsibility of client organisations to ensure that events are well attended.

In keeping with globally recognised ethical fundraising practises, Papillon does not take any form of commission. Rather, clients are charged a monthly retainer.


We don’t. We have never worked on any form of commission and will never do so. We charge a monthly retainer.

Desperate ones. It can take many months to bring in funding.

Potential clients are quoted once we are clear on the workload.