Foreign Fundraising Services

Papillon Consultancy’s tiered Foreign Fundraising Service offers a range of options for southern and South African non-profit organisations seeking to raise money in the UK, Europe and USA.


  1. Free online Foreign Fundraising Readiness self-test
  2. Purchase of The Northern Donor DirectoryForeign Fundraising and/or attending Papillon training courses
  3. Expert assessment of foreign fundraising readiness
  4. In-depth assessment of foreign fundraising potential
  5. External evaluation
  6. Customised potential donor research service
  7. Tailored fundraising proposals to foreign donors
  8. Completion of foreign donors’ application forms
  9. UK-based representation of your organisation.

1. Is your organisation ready for foreign fundraising?
It is vital to ensure that an NPO, tertiary institution or faith-based initiative has the best chance of succeeding in raising money from northern donors. Take our free Foreign Fundraising Readiness Test in order to assess your organisation’s status before seeking funding abroad.

2. Donor resources
Papillon Consultancy was the first in South Africa to provide donor details to non-profit organisations. Papillon team members interact with international donors regularly, often face to face, thus enhancing the ongoing research of the international component of The Northern Donor Directory

Having ensured that an organisation is ready to raise money abroad, Papillon’s detailed donor information contained in The Northern Donor Directory can substantially enhance foreign donor research. For teams new to raising money abroad, a copy of the invaluable Papillon publication, Foreign Fundraising. is recommended.

Also look out for Papillon’s public training courses on Foreign Fundraising.

3. Expert input of foreign fundraising readiness
Having completed the free Foreign Fundraising Readiness self-test, a one-off phone or Skype consultation with a senior Papillon Consultancy team member may be booked.

Papillon will:

  • Assess the Foreign Fundraising Readiness self-test
  • Provide more details/answer queries arising from the organisation’s assessment
  • Briefly discuss probable ‘fundability’ and potential support of the organisation from foreign donors

Click to book a phone or Skype session

4. In-depth assessment of foreign fundraising potential
Should an in-depth assessment be required to establish an organisation’s foreign fundraising potential, Jill Ritchie and her team offer this unique service. Following the online Foreign Fundraising Readiness self-test, this more comprehensive assessment service entails scrutinising and evaluating the organisation in line with foreign donors’ requirements. Clients will be asked to provide information and documentation to be studied by the Papillon team prior to meeting (face-to-face is ideal but this can also be carried out by phone or Skype). During this meeting, verbal feedback and advice will be given. This is an opportunity to ask questions on any aspect of potential foreign support for the organisation.

5. External evaluation
Following an in-depth assessment (option 4) of an organisation’s foreign fundraising readiness, a formal external evaluation can be carried out. The time spent focussed on an organisation during the assessment, reduces the costs of this evaluation. Such an exercise is also invaluable for local fundraising and some donors insist on an external evaluation before considering funding an organisation.

6. Customised potential donor research service
Only available to clients who have completed Papillon’s:

  • Free online self-test
  • Consulting on organisation’s foreign fundraising readiness and/or In-depth assessment of foreign fundraising potential (options 3 or 4)

The Papillon team can customise a prospective donor search of funders who may be interested in supporting an organisation’s projects. Donor contact details will be provided for each prospect identified and, most valuably, the rationale as to why each one has been suggested as a good ‘fit’ with the organisation’s specific project/s.

7. Tailored fundraising proposals
Only available to clients who have completed Papillon’s:

Jill and her team can undertake the development of basic/generic proposals per project, in line with foreign donors’ requirements. This service also includes the all-important covering letter per project, concept notes and letters of enquiry (customised for the USA, UK and Europe). In addition, feedback and/or advice will be given on preparing budgets in line with foreign donors’ requirements. If necessary, this option also offers overseeing of the preferred foreign tax registration, without which funding from the vast majority of USA and UK donors is unlikely.

8. Completion of application forms
Should further assistance be required, the Papillon team can complete application forms, online concept notes and letters of enquiry to potential donors. This service is strictly only offered to organisations that have opted for:

  • Free online self-test
  • In-depth assessment of Foreign Fundraising Potential (4)
  • Customised potential donor research service (6)
  • Tailored fundraising proposals (7)*

9. UK based representation of client organisations
Restricted to a limited number southern and South African organisations over a minimum of twelve months, with options to renew for further six-month periods, this full service is only offered on completion of:

  • Free online self-test
  • In-depth assessment of Foreign Fundraising Potential (4)
  • External evaluation (5) (or a recent such independent evaluation)
  • Customised prospect donor research service (6)*
  • Tailored fundraising proposals (7)*
  • Completion of application forms (8)*

(* These steps may be waived if already optimally carried out).

During the contracted time, Jill and her UK based team represent southern and South African non-profit organisations by seeking partnerships (making presentations where possible). It must be noted that meetings are largely discouraged by potential donors and in some cases not permitted. However, after passing a written ‘first round’, meetings are easier to secure.

Where possible and appropriate, opportunities will be sought to showcase client organisations abroad and international friends/supporters will be sought. Depending on the appeal of each organisation and its resultant friend/support base, client organisations may be included as beneficiaries in foreign fundraising events.

All clients opting for the UK based representation service will have the Papillon team ‘looking out’ for opportunities for additional South African support and generating funding and marketing ideas for the duration of the these services, at no extra cost. This effectively includes Papillon’s Oversight Service.

‘Jill worked immensely hard in planning and implementing our fundraising initiatives in the UK. Our success would not have been possible without her commitment and dedication. It is a pleasure to work with the Papillon team.’

Tasha St John-Reid, Operations Manager, Darling Trust