Changes to USA Foundations Donor Directory

October 2017

Code Changes to USA Foundations in Donor Directory 
USA165 Contact: Mr Ambrose K Monell, email:,, Sectors: add Arts
USA10 Contact: Mr Alan G Hill, Executive VP & CEO
USA 102 Contact: Dr Saleem Badat, Progam Director: HE & Special Projects,
USA221 Tel: 001 800 908 4490
USA227 Contact: Mr Charles C Goodfellow, Manager, 26 Central Ave, Cranford, NJ 07016, USA. Tel: 001 908 447 6261
USA229 Contact: Ms Kate Ingersoll, 001 216 8804 x1250, Deadline: moniotor calls, 
USA243 Contact: Mr Bryan Adams, delete telephone, Address: 11 Pond Rd, Canton, CT06019, USA
USA24 Contact: Ms  Andrea Johnson, Program Director: HE & Research Africa 
USA172 Delete
USA223 Delete
USA33 Contact: Ms Leslie Mead, Executive Director, 1775 Eye St, 8th Floor, Washington, DC 20006, USA
USA260 Contact: Mr Theodoros Chronopoulos, Senior Program Officer
USA184 Tel: 001 650 952 4400
USA265 Address: 1 East Pratt Street, Suite 701, Baltimore, MD 21202, USA
USA247 Sectors: Food security, Health
USA7 Contact: Ms Gloria Blackwell, VP: Grants, 1310 L St, Suite 1000, Washington, Dc 20005, USA; 001 202 785 7777
USA198 Contact: Ms Annette Sohn, VP Global Initiatives
USA126  Delete
USA226 Contact: Dr Marilyn Miller
USA222 Delete
USA149 Contact: Mr Frank Mascia, VP: Donations, Tel: 011 973 379 2690
USA29 Contact: Rev John L. McCullough, CEO
USA234 Email:
USA256 Address: 505 Fifth Ave, New York, NY 10017, USA
USA92 Contact: Ms Cheryl Cole, Grants Officer, Tel: 001 913 851 2174
USA149 Contact: Ms Rachel Henry, VP: Operations, Address: 1015 15th St, 7th Floor, Washington, DC 20005, USA
USA189 Contact: Ms Barbara Chow, Programme Director
C400 Has moved to R21 in the Rest of World Donor Directory
USA402 Has moved to R22 in the Rest of World Donor Directory
USA51 Contact: Ms Karen Wallace
USA264 Contact: Mr Shawn Baker
USA153 Contact: Ms S Eliza Petrow
USA224 Tel: 001 650 508 1181
USA145 Contact: Mr J Walz
USA136 Contact: Mr Aaron Pontsler
USA179 Contact: Ms Scott J Pietka
USA 217 Email:
USA256 Contact: Mr William Rover
USA66 Contact: Ms M Mukenga