Changes to SA Corporate Donor Directory

October 2018

Code Changes to SA Corporate Donor Directory October 2018
CO169 Name: Mr Thabo Tshabalala; Email:
CO601 Name: Ms Lisa Temkin-Todes
CO493 Name: Ms Bongi Ntuli, CEO; Sector: only Education; Geographical area: only KZN
CO485 Email:; Title: SED Specialist; Tel: 021 505 7535
CO211 Name: Ms Mirriam; Tel: 011 240 4258; Sectors: Education, Skills training, Enviro
CO305 Name: Ms Brenda Matje, CSI Officer;; 011 456 6289
CO82 Name: MsPansy Mncube, Manager: Financial Services;; Tel: 0800 600 555
CO192 Sector: Education
CO710 Sector: Education
CO707 Sector: Education
CO711 Sector: Education
CO712 Sector: Education
CO709 Sector: Education
CO708 Sector: Education
CO220 Name: Mr Sbu Hlela; Email:
CO524 Sector: Health - exercise
CO353 Sector: Education - only via own trust assisting promising learners from poor homes 
CO441 Sector: Maths & Science Education
CO373 Name: Mr Andrew Sefala, Business Development Manager; Email:; Tel: 087 354 6000;, Sector: Only tertiary bursaries
CO487 Sector: Emerging farmers only - with focus on women and youth
CO154 Sector: Youth entrepreneurship, Women, Disability
CO456 Sector: Only upgrading of teachers'and learners' skills in Maths & Science; Motor mechanic training
CO616 Sector: Only Skills training
CO284 Name: Mr Mvula Yoyo; Email:
CO519 Sectors: Delete Literacy, Welfare, Sports Developmen - add Enterprise Development
CO713 Name: Ms Sindiswe Zukani, Administrator: CSI; Address: PO Box 11054, Centurion, 0046, Tel: 011 063 2766
CO360 Name: Ms Patricia Jales Barghus
CO145 Name: Ms Claire Deacon, Sponsorship Manager; Email:
CO496 Name: Ms Adel Harrison, Marketing Assistant; Email: ;  Tel: 011 398 4629; Deadline: June
CO509 Name: Ms Donya Urwin, VP: HR; Tel: 0860 011 022; Email:
CO295 Sector: Skills training only for TV industry
CO284 Sector: Sole focus is on supporting public hospitals
CO149 Name: Ms Nina Salkinder; Email:
CO54 Email:
CO542 Name: Ms Fatima Laher, CSR Officer; Email:
CO274 Delete