Changes to SA Corporate Donor Directory

October 2017

Code Changes to SA Corporate Donor Directory 
CO3620 Contact: Ms Patricia Jales;
CO459 Contact: Mr Edmund Pedro;
CO9 Email:
CO323 Contact: Joshua Pule, CSI Manager;
CO295 Contact: Ms Gaylyn Wingate-Pearse, Head: Corporate Services
CO475 Delete
CO255 Delete
CO469 Contact: Ms Thenjiwe Mbuyisa
CO274 Contact: Mr Vusi Njozela; 021 431 7000;
CO527 Sectors: Health, Education 
CO5 Contact: Ms Anastasia Peters, Citizenship Manager;; Sector: Youth; 021 827 4357
CO58 Title: Group CSI Manager; Sectors: Health, Skills development; 011 239 6515
CO82 Email:
CO295 Sectors: Skills development
CO1 Contact: Ms Gina Cohen;
CO75 Contact: Ms Lorinda Palmer, MD Secretary; 011 564 3209;
CO95 Email:
CO279 Contact: Mr Grant Froneman, Eastern & Western Cape Regional Sales Manager; 031 534 1700;
CO297 Email:
CO353 Contact: Dr Andrew Golding;
CO456 Contact: Ms Jenny Mare;; 011 809 2122
CO320 Tel: 010 206 0000
CO402 Contact: Ms Thandi Ndlungwana;
CO324 Tel: 011 514 6000
CO128 Geographical area:  Randburg area
CO536 Tel: 021 542 2001
CO230 Contact: Ms Leonie Ornelas;; 011 291 3141
CO264 Sectors: Maths/Science
CO284 Deadline: August
CO297 Email:
CO298 Email:
CO307 Email:
CO534 Tel: 021 937 2486; Online application
CO404 Email:
CO700 Contact: Ms Silindile Maphumulo