Changes to SA Corporate Donor Directory

June 2018

Code Changes to SA Corporate Donor Directory  June 2018
CO517 Name: Mr Keane Brentely, Area: WC only, Tel: 021 464 3151
CO307 Email:;
CO54 Sector: Eye care/blind, Education
CO602 Tel: 011 232 8039; Sector: Children only
CO45 Name: Ms Reabetswa Baitshenyetsi
CO407 Name: Mr Job Mpele, HR Director,;
CO516 Email:; Online application form only; No cash donations - only containers
CO404; Approach method: Online form
CO49 Title: Project Accountant; Tel: 021 918 7915; Address: 4th Floor, The Edge, 3 Howick Close, Tygerfalls, 7530; rarely takes on new beneficiary NPOs
CO232 Name: Ms Prudence Masike, CSI Manager;; Tel: 016 889 3684
CO337 Name: Ms Renzke Treu,
CO613 Name: Ms Heike Moore,
CO305 Correct title: Ms
CO13 Only assess applications between Feb and May