Meet our 2022 speakers

Ask a Fundraising Fundi

Fundraiser Panel hosted by Melanie Jackson

Melanie Jackson will chair a panel of seasoned fundraisers and consultants answering delegates’ questions on any aspect of fundraising. Everyone is encouraged to email their questions in advance to enable panellists to give them some thought and provide the best possible responses. If time allows, questions might be possible during the session too but it’s strongly advised that questions are sent ahead of time to:

Melanie Jackson

Melanie Jackson is a journalist by training who has been involved in the non-profit sector for 20 years. She has worked ‘on both sides of the fence’, in grant-making and raising funds for a variety of causes. Her experience has ranged from corporate and trust fundraising to individual giving. As the founder of Words that Count, Melanie spends much of her time guiding organisations in their development strategy and measuring the impact of their interventions. She is also a successful trainer and mentor. She has raised money for SA organisations as diverse as a mission hospital and UCT. Melanie also has extensive experience in communications, both from a strategic and operational perspective, which has included developing and implementing comprehensive communications plans. She is a trustee of Positive Vibes, a Namibia-registered non-profit organisation and a council member of Northlink College.

Marisol Gutierrez

Marisol Gutierrez, aka Chief Crusader: Cause Marketing and Communications is an outstanding copywriter and for-purpose communications specialist, she’s been involved with social justice issues from a young age. Marisol is a sharp strategist with extensive experience in fundraising and marketing, having worked with South Africa’s largest fundraising consultancy and many local and international NPOs – including UNICEF, where she managed corporate partnerships and individual giving.

In addition to being a skilled conceptualiser, Marisol is also creative, solutions-focused and excels at identifying opportunities for advocacy and brand-building. With a degree in communications and numerous other qualifications, she is passionate about the causes she works with and also offers workshops and training.

Mike Mailula

Mike Mailula started working in the fundraising environment in the mid-1980s, raising funds for youth causes. He later joined the fundraising department of the SA Catholic Bishops Conference. Mike entered the world of tertiary fundraising just over 20 years ago and, today, he is Deputy Director for Corporate and International at Tshwane University of Technology (TUT). He has raised money for an array of university needs, from campuses community projects, science initiatives, equipment, student financial aid and entrepreneurship, to the acquisition of technology.

Carolin Gomulia

Carolin Gomulia is a seasoned strategist who has honed her skills in the government- and non-profit sectors. Her transformation and development agency, the Workroom, seeks to insert wonder and possibility in the collaborative search, beyond the present, for a vision that makes organisations relevant and resilient. She challenges conventional thinking and helps organisations to gain new insights and fresh perspectives. She has an in-depth understanding of resource mobilisation and fundraising. Carolin, who speaks fluent English, German and Spanish, holds a Master’s degree in Development Studies (UWC), and another in Development Management (Ruhr University Bochum, Germany). She has also completed the Certificate Course in Business Analysis from the Faculty Training Institute in Cape Town. She is deeply committed and passionate about social justice and transformation. Carolin is a German national with organic family links to Indonesia and has resided in South Africa for the past 15 years.

Blessing Tsiga

Blessing has 12 years’ experience in resource mobilisation and donor relations for non-profits. She has overseen fundraising efforts of organisations gaining experience in local and international grantmaking, as well as business development strategy design. Blessing also has an interest in the growth of grassroots NGOs and has volunteered her time connecting smaller NPOs to grant opportunities.

She is currently the Fundraising Coordinator for IkamvaYouth, a leading NGO in the education sector.

Creating a New Vision for the Humanitarian/Philanthropy Sector

Donor Panel hosted by Reana Rossouw

Reana Rossouw will chair a panel of donors to explore how companies, trusts and philanthropists will adapt to new trends. Reana will encourage the group to share their thinking on the envisaged changes over the coming years. These might include changing portfolios, budgets, funding cycles and systems as well as the issue of unsolicited proposals. She will also ask her panellists about their organisations’ plans to contribute to the not for profit sector and social purpose organisations, considering macro and economic trends in the country.

Reana Rossouw

University of Stellenbosch Business School alumnus, Reana Rossouw, founder of leading management consulting firm, First Generation Consultants, has a wealth of experience in sustainable and business development. She has 30 years’ experience in business management at senior executive and director level, with expertise in creating and implementing strategies and brands for innovation, growth and sustainability. She has worked in several industry sectors including donor/philanthropy and grant-making. Reana is a regular speaker, nationally and internationally. She is also the author of three books, and annually publishes Africa’s Research Report on the Future and Impact of the Social Development and Investment Sectors. She is a visionary and one of Africa’s leading experts in the areas of socio-economic development and impact management and measurement and has received several nominations and awards. Reana developed Africa’s first impact assessment methodology, the Investment Impact Index™, to measure impact and return on investment of social and impact investment. Today, this methodology is applied across the continent by social and impact investors, donors and grant-makers.

Derek Lubner (MAID Foundation)

Derek Lubner’s career spans a wide variety of start-ups in the technology, product marketing and social entrepreneurialism sectors. He has experience working in the USA, the UK and South Africa. He has in-depth knowledge of the challenges facing non-profit organisations. He has been a board member of Mothers2Mothers, since its founding 20 years ago. M2M employs over 1500 HIV positive women as mentor mothers, who help to prevent the transmission of HIV from mother to child. Based in Cape Town, M2M operates in 10 African countries. Derek also runs his late parents’ South African-based family foundation MAID (Make an Immediate Difference), which has supported over 30 NPOs for 20 years in the fields of Education, Music, Community, Sport and Health.

Fikile Kuhlase (Old Mutual)

Fikile Kuhlase is head of the Old Mutual Foundation and Social Investment in the Group Marketing, Public Affairs and Sustainability Segment of Old Mutual. Fikile brings her passion for inclusive socio-economic development to all that she does. Her career spans the private and public sectors, as well as international development. She served as the UNHCR’s Senior Livelihoods Associate and has worked for UNDP at UNetpSA, USAID.

Tebogo Molefe (IDC)

Tebogo Molefe, handles CSI for the Industrial Development Corporation of SA Ltd (IDC). This dynamic lady has worked in CSI, community development, stakeholder relations, research and project management. And she climbs mountains!

Alumni Groups Giving Back

Alumni Panel hosted by Maria Sikaundi

Maria Sikaundi, Deputy Director of the Homestead Projects for Street Children, will host a panel of former NPO beneficiaries and learn of their own initiatives, The Gents, to provide ongoing support to the organisation that changed their lives. This special discussion will inspire non-profit staff and volunteers throughout southern Africa to consider how their alumni can support their organisations.

Maria Sikaundi

Maria Sikaundi joined the Homestead Projects for Street Children in 2021 as the Deputy Director. She is passionate about empowering marginalised groups through community, literacy and education to be able to give the vulnerable resources to take charge of their own lives and meet their needs and goals. Maria is a seasoned leader with over 10 years of senior management experience. Most recently, she was the District Manager at IkamvaYouth where she gained invaluable experience in the education sector and afterschool space working on engaging strategic partners and mobilising resources and stakeholders to manage and oversee the implementation of the programmes. Prior to that, she worked as a Management Consultant for niche strategy firms in Johannesburg. Maria completed her studies in MPhil Responsible Leadership, BCom Honours Statistics, BCom Economics, and holds Certificates in Programme Management M&E, Business Risk Management and Project Management.

Tsotang Mathabela

Tsotang Mathabela had a difficult start in life. Fortunately, he was assisted by an NPO and is, today, an outstanding young man and contributing member of society. An active member of The Gents, Tsotang gives a disproportionate amount of his time to the alumni network that he was instrumental in forming. Today, he works for the Cape Town-based NPO, Mamelani.

Anda Mazantsana

Another member of The Gents’ alumni body is Anda Mazantsana. His tough childhood experiences of living on the streets and then in two different children’s homes, could have resulted in his early death or imprisonment. However, this resilient young man is a husband, father and has found a career working in the NPO sector, formerly with Khulisa Social Solutions and currently with the Rehoming Collective.

Merle Brown

Merle Brown has three decades’ experience in numerous aspects of the NPO sector, particularly in senior management, fundraising and consulting. She brings professionalism and a wealth of knowledge of the sector, a sound understanding of key performance requirements and valuable insight into meeting donor expectations. Via her company, Merle Brown Corporate Fundraising, she offers Fundamental fundraising audits, Proposal design recommendations, Mobilising resources, Fostering donor relationships with NPOs and designing bi-annual donor progress reports/newsletters. Her wealth of experience makes her the ideal person to share an extensive list of funding sources.

Sources of Funding

Highly experienced fundraising consultant, Merle Brown, has compiled an extensive list of funding sources to share with delegates. NPOs, schools, faith-based entities, tertiary institutions and clubs must spread their risk by securing funding from as wide an array of sources as possible. Merle will challenge delegates to consider the number of sources resourcing their organisations and will excite and encourage everyone to investigate expanding their current support.

Arnold Netshambidi

Executive Director of Phambano Technology Development Centre, Arnold Netshambidi, is well known to many in the southern African non-profit arena for the outstanding job done by him and his team in ensuring that NPOs receive software at nearly-free prices.

How NPOs Can Save Money Through Cloud Collaboration Technology Tools

As a purpose-driven organisation providing sustainable technology-related solutions to civil society organisations working on social justice matters, Phambano Technology Development Centre is constantly assisting NPOs in new and innovative ways to save money. Executive Director, Arnold Netshambidi, will share tips on the latest cloud collaboration tech tools.

Ntsiki Dwangu

Ntsiki Dwangu represented the Western Cape in a National Athletics Competition in Pretoria, winning gold in the 800m. She carried her winning ways into her work, with her professional career beginning when she attended a Western Cape Shell Live Wire Business Course – an entrepreneur programme for unemployed youth. Her business plan was selected and won third place. A year later, Ntsiki was appointed as one of the Shell Live Wire Business Course Co-facilitators. She went on to undertake various paid and voluntary NPO roles and, after finding her passion in fund development and relationship-building, Ntsiki was snapped up by NOAH in a key relationship position as Corporate Fundraiser.

Back to Basics: Relationship Building

Ntisiki Dwangu wowed the audience at the Annual Papillon Fundraising Conference in Cape Town in 2020. She had recently embarked on a marathon exercise of phoning NOAH’s exiting, lapsed and prospective corporate donors and shared her findings. Two years on, and despite the challenges of many CSI staff working from home, Ntiski has had great success in forging relationships with donors to benefit NOAH.

With the support and endorsement of NOAH’s Director, Anne Dobson, Nitsiki will be generously sharing her experiences, learnings and results and proving that funding success still lies in the basics – relationship building.

Jill Ritchie

Jill has been fundraising, training, and advising others on resourcing organisations for over three decades. A writer before becoming a corporate and trust fundraiser, Jill found a natural home in the written aspects of fundraising, yet, there are few sources of funds for NPOs and universities that she has not successfully accessed. She specialises in consulting on raising money in the UK and her latest book is Fundraising from UK Donors. She has planned and managed a number of capital campaigns for five SA universities and many NPOs. Jill has had 28 books published, 20 on fundraising. She has served on many boards and councils, including the SA National Museum and TUT. She also chairs two London based organisations: The UK Fund for Charities and the SA-UK Trust Network and is a board member of the Tutu Foundation UK, iZinga Assist and the Ubunye Unity Trust.

Capital Campaigns 101 – How they Differ from ‘Ordinary’ Fundraising

Raising money for buildings, vehicles or equipment differs from seeking money for projects. Understanding the differences is important in successful capital fundraising. Whether funding is needed for a multi-million rand building, vehicles or costly equipment – capital items – finding this funding takes careful planning. Jill will outline the required steps to ensure the greatest possibility of success.


UK Fundraising Q & A

Jill Ritchie, Papillon founder and organiser of this Conference, as well as seasoned fundraiser, whose primary focus is raising money in the UK for NPOs and universities outside of Britain, and advising/consulting on the unique requirements of UK donors, will be available to answer questions. Delegates are requested to email questions to Jill in advance. If time allows, she will also respond to questions during the session.

Laura Bergh

Laura Bergh is the Chief Enabler for The Greenlight Office (TGO), a small team that assists organisations to measure, understand, and evidence their social impact. TGO holds space for the Greenlight Movement, a collaboration of 100+ initiatives in SA that use the Greenlight approach. Laura worked in the corporate and consulting governance arena with big business for 20 years before changing careers and joining the social economy. She has a strong interest in enabling social entrepreneurs and non-profits to scale deeper for social impact and build societal resilience. Laura’s work on customising and localising the Poverty Stoplight approach for a South African context has led her to co-create The Greenlight Office. She is a director on several Boards and an advisor to management teams of social enterprises and has a Master’s degree in Sustainability Leadership from Cambridge University.

Outcomes and impact evaluation … do I really have to?

Is assessing and evidencing outcomes and impact REALLY important enough to include in your strategies, operations, and fundraising proposals? Based on seven years of feedback from the Greenlight Movement, Laura has strong opinions about this topic and will discuss why so many programmes’ staff are still daunted by this requirement and will offer a realistic perspective on what should be included on everyone’s list of core M&E activities.

Catherine Du Plooy

Catherine Du Plooy, Director and COO of South Africa’s most successful crowdfunding platform, BackaBuddy, is a social enterprise enthusiast. She and her team are striving to bring the best of being human into the digital age. Catherine has built her career in fundraising and marketing, specifically in the non-profit space and is skilled in strategic planning and organisational development.

The Passion Economy

Regular presenter on Papillon Conferences and back by popular demand, Catherine Du Plooy, will share her insights into the newest thinking in philanthropy – the Pasion Economy: Moving from the traditional donation model, in which donors benefit an NPO, to a value model, in which donors donate more towards an organisation because they feel that they receive real value in return.

Ligia Pena

Ligia Pena has over 20 years’ experience as a fundraiser for organisations in Canada and internationally, handling everything from donor acquisition, direct mail, proposal writing and major gifts to legacy giving. And she has worked in communications, strategic planning, board development and everything in between. Ligia is a Certified Fundraising Execute (CFRE) and a certified Master Trainer. She is the Global Legacy Manager at Greenpeace International where she drives Greenpeace’s global legacy strategy and manages a community of practice of legacy managers in 14 countries. Ligia is also working on her Ph.D in Legacy Fundraising.

Getting Started with Legacies

Bringing her wealth of global knowledge on legacy/bequest fundraising, Ligia Pena will take delegates through all of the steps required to plan and establish a successful legacy fundraising programme. This lucrative source of (often) undesignated money is invaluable to non-profits, tertiary institutions and any entity reliant on donated money.

Jane De Ste Croix

Jane De Ste Croix, British educationalist and psychologist, is committed to inclusive education and serving her local community. She will be representing a group of 15 friends who have known and supported one another for years. They developed the ‘Culture Club’ in order to embrace a multitude of interests.

Tutu for Tutu – celebrating community, connectivity and compassion: A community-based fundraising initiative

Jane De Ste Croix will share the journey of how a seed of an idea resulted in a fundraising initiative to celebrate the life and work of Archbishop Desmond Tutu and raise funds for the Tutu Foundation UK. With the world feeling increasingly divided, the group felt that The Arch’s message of tolerance, reconciliation and above all, hope, is needed more than ever. But they also wanted to honour his sense of fun!

Cassey Chambers

Cassey Chambers is the Operations Director and a Board Member of the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG), and often represents SADAG at national conferences, various press and media interviews, workshops and advocacy projects to help fight for patients’ rights and destigmatize mental health across the country.

Info on NPOwer: Free Mental Health Support Service to NPO Staff and Volunteers

Cassey Chambers will share info on the kind and caring free service offered to NPO staff and volunteers. Anyone from the NPO sector struggling with mental health issues may receive free telephone counselling.

Carolin Gomulia

Carolin Gomulia is a seasoned strategist who has honed her skills in the government- and non-profit sectors. Her transformation and development agency, the Workroom, seeks to insert wonder and possibility in the collaborative search, beyond the present, for a vision that makes organisations relevant and resilient. She challenges conventional thinking and helps organisations to gain new insights and fresh perspectives. She has an in-depth understanding of resource mobilisation and fundraising. Carolin, who speaks fluent English, German and Spanish, holds a Master’s degree in Development Studies (UWC), and another in Development Management (Ruhr University Bochum, Germany). She has also completed the Certificate Course in Business Analysis from the Faculty Training Institute in Cape Town. She is deeply committed and passionate about social justice and transformation. Carolin is a German national with organic family links to Indonesia and has resided in South Africa for the past 15 years.

How to Write Good Proposals

In a world with ever-reducing funding and growing competition for non-profits, writing competitive proposals is vital. During this talk, Carolin Gomulia, will present what it takes to prepare good funding proposals. She will cover key elements for proposals to maximise chances of shortlisting and, ultimately, a funding award. Carolin will also offer ideas on streamlining the proposal writing process within a team.

Ricardo Wyngaard

Ricardo Wyngaard is a proven legal practitioner, trainer and board development professional and has more than 17 years’ experience in facilitating board development and corporate governance training. Ricardo co-authored written submissions on pertinent legislation, including; Income Tax Act, Companies Act, Non-profit Organisations Act, Lotteries Act, and National Development Agency Act. He has held positions in organisations as varied as the Law Society of South Africa, Lawyers for Human Rights, Legal Resources Centre and the Non-Profit Consortium. He has authored numerous articles. Ricardo’s book, Governance for Non-profit Boards, remains the go-to guide in SA.

Ricardo has participated and presented at a range of conferences and workshops, key among these: International Legal Conference, hosted by Rianovosti in Moscow; the Global Forum on Civil Society, hosted by the International Centre for Not-for-Profit Law (ICNL) in Stockholm, Sweden; and the NGO Capacity Building Workshop, Gabarone, Botswana.

Ask a Lawyer

Ricardo will devote his entire slot to answering questions about legal issues in the non-profit sector. Delegates are encouraged to email their questions ahead of time to maximise their benefit from this immensely knowledgeable and committed legal specialist who has elected to serve the sector. Email questions to

Birger Lundgren

Serial Swedish entrepreneur, Birger Lundgren moved to Cape Town 19 years ago. He is the Co-founder of Optimizly /EPiserver (web software) Africa and Co-founder of the software company StreamServe, acquired by Open Text (NASDAQ: OTEX) in 2010. In 2017 he founded Scandinavian Water and Sanitation. Initially aimed at saving water in Cape Town based on a Swedish designed low flush toilet, but his research showed that South Africa’s sanitation problems were more complex than the actual toilet. He has spent the past two years working with SLU (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) on developing sustainable sanitation – a closed-loop solution for schools. Birger founded the SA-based NPO, Sanitation Ambassadors, as a vehicle to replace dangerous and unhygienic toilets in schools and impoverished communities.

Let’s talk Shi*t – Next Generation Sanitation

The world of sanitation is a confusing place. Most people just want to use the toilet, flush and forget. But with 8 billion of us consuming this planet, this is no longer possible. Humanity is truly on the edge. We need to reduce our ecological footprint or face the dire predictions. Sanitation Ambassadors believe that to survive and evolve, our species needs to revolve. To think, turn around, close the loop, and embrace the circular economy. And, because it is so inextricably linked to everyone’s quality of life, nowhere is this new paradigm shift more urgent than the emotive and often political world of sanitation. Birger Lundgren will share what the Sanitation Ambassadors are doing in partnership with NPOs to focus beyond the politics that have plagued South Africa’s past and paralyzed its progress.  Masingene emsebenzini! (Let’s get to work!)

Mike van Graan

Mike van Graan is an award-winning playwright with 36 plays under his belt. He is the Coordinator of the Sustaining Theatre and Dance (STAND) Foundation and serves as a Trustee of the Denis Goldberg House of Hope. Mike also helps to programme and facilitate the Atelier for Festival Managers. He holds a BA Honours Degree in Drama from the University of Cape Town and was appointed as an Associate Professor in UCT’s Drama Department from 2015-2019. He has served in leadership positions in a variety of anti-apartheid cultural organisations including Director of the Community Arts Project, Projects Officer for the Congress of South African Writers and General Secretary of the National Arts Coalition.

The STAND Foundation

Renowned playwright, Mike van Graan, will share how an urgent fundraising initiative, Lockdown Angels, to support actors, directors and crew at the start of the pandemic evolved into the STAND Foundation.

Onyi Nwaneri

Onyi Nwaneri is the CEO of Afrika Tikkun Services, a recruitment, training/skills development and placement company, helping corporate clients evaluate their transformation mandate and build solutions that align with their social and business requirements. Prior to this, she served as the Head of Strategy, Partnerships & Marketing for the Not for profit arm of Afrika Tikkun. Onyi’s experience cuts across Legal Practice to Compliance, Research and Development, Business Development, Sales and Marketing; Customer Service and Relations; HR; Logistics; Operations; Stakeholder Management, Deal Generation and Conclusion, BBBEE and Corporate Social Responsibility. Through her various positions at Afrika Tikkun, she has helped major non-profits, corporations, international and national foundations and funders meet their mutually beneficial strategic objectives. Onyi has consulted the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) advising on the legal framework governing National Aids Commissions in six African countries.

B-BBEE In the Context of the Not-for-Profit Sector 

Onyi Nwaneri will unpack the lucrative but complex arena of B-BBEEE funding opportunities for NPOs. From structured ownership deals to enterprise, skills and supplier development as well as socio-economic development, Onyi will walk delegates through all of the income options. She will demystify the scorecard and advise on leveraging opportunities for the non-profit sector. Onyi will also outline the YES Initiative and how it benefits the sector.

Dalene Swart

Despite having over 20 years’ experience in the NPO sector, Dalene’s passion for her work and volunteering is underpinned by recognising that she learns and grows daily. She is skilled in event planning, fundraising, marketing, and digital communication. Dalene’s attention to detail, compassion, ability to think ‘out-of-the-box’ and passion for networking allows her to identify possibilities and connect opportunities. Her experience extends to arranging successful fundraising events in London. She is a trustee of the UK Fund for Charities. Dalene lives by the motto of not trying to do everything herself and constantly seeks partnerships, collaboration opportunities and asks experts for guidance and help and often invites them to join forces. She is therefore a perfect person to present on the Conference.

The Power Within

Payroll Giving can provide NPOs with sustainable income, making planning and budgeting easier. Dalene Swart will show how payroll giving enables South African companies to meet their CSI objectives more easily, with employees enabled to lower their taxable income. And companies who embrace this form of NPO support receive Section 18A Certificates. Companies may also claim Socio-Economic Development points on their B-BBEE scorecards. She will guide delegates on embarking on the journey of their organisations becoming payroll giving recipients. Dalene will also address the challenge of a company not having a payroll giving programme.

Dr Carolyne A. Opinde

Dr Carolyne A Opinde is an award-winning global consultant, social innovator and founder and CEO of The NGO Whisperer™, a consulting firm providing technical support to NGOs in Africa, Europe, North America, Latin America and the Caribbean in order that they can successfully impact people’s lives. The NGO Whisperer™ offers high-impact masterclasses and runs a six-month rigorous global fellowship programme to build the capacity of small and medium-sized non-profits for sustainability. Her prestigious quarterly magazine and weekly podcast/show, showcase stories of people worldwide who are positively impacting their communities. Carolyne is a seasoned resource mobilisation specialist who has raised over US$100 million and managed various projects worth US$20+ million. She is an international speaker and evangelist for social entrepreneurship. She has spoken to audiences of over 5 000, sharing the stage with Former President Bill Clinton, Bishop T. D. Jakes, Deepak Chopra, and founders and CEOs of leading fortune 500 companies such as PayPal, Nike, Walmart, Yahoo and Hollywood celebrities.

Did You Know Everyone is a Fundraiser?

Dr Carolyne Opinde will share her wealth of experience in this talk. She will cover the vital issue of the need for more members of an NPO to realise their roles in supporting fundraising efforts. Delegates will have a deeper understanding of the attributes of a good fundraiser and how board members, volunteers and staff can get involved in fundraising efforts within their organisations.

Ari Seirlis

Ari Seirlis is a former CEO of the QuadPara Association of South Africa (QASA), which he led for 18 years to be one of the most successful NPOs in the disability sector. Having graduated from the Gibbs’ Social Entrepreneurship Programme cum laude, he applied creative thinking, supported by solid strategy and relationship building, to achieve sustainability as well as excellent governance and compliance, ensuring that QASA fulfilled its mission and vision and that its theory of change was a reality. Ari consults to NPOs nationwide and offers training throughout the country. He has received numerous honours and awards and is undaunted by challenges – ideal characteristics in the tough and competitive non-profit arena.

Social Enterprise: Is There Space in your Organisation for Social Enterprise?

Creative thinking and innovation will surprise you with unrestricted funding benefits and employment. In Ari Seirlis’ time at QASA, they had not considered the value of social enterprise or promoting social entrepreneurship, but when they got the ball rolling, it was incredible how consumers preferred engaging with social entrepreneurs and spending in the social enterprise space, with the benefit bringing in unrestricted funding. This also enabled employment for family members of staff and the close-knit community. Ari will cite some innovative ideas that are not restricted to the disability sector nor any NPO, as well as show extended impact.

Anne-Marie Stephenson

For 30 years Anne-Marie Stephenson has connected people and needs through effective content, primarily in her role as a fundraiser and communications developer for the NPO sector. She makes communicating complex industry jargon into language that creates an understanding with people at every level, which is not easy – a case of translate to relate! Anne-Marie has developed particular expertise in strategic governance and compliance issues for the NPO sector and assists both donors and NPOs in meeting these obligations ethically. She is committed to continuing to nurture and build the capacity and support needs of both donors and NPOs for the good of our communities, sharing her skills and passion. Anne-Marie’s services include fundraising strategy development, fundraising material copy, NPO due diligence, audit and advice, NPO marketing services and NPO annual report development.

Is your Organisation Squeaky Clean?

Tragically, fraud and corruption in South Africa have become endemic. A number of foreign donors are reluctant to support NPOs here due to the constant negative headlines in global media. While everyone reels in shock at the extent of the criminality exposed by the Zondo Commission Report, it is critical that every not for profit entity ensures that they are squeaky clean. Donors are becoming more and more savvy and asking tough questions and, rightly, demanding absolute transparency in all matters, particularly expenditure.

Experienced fundraising advisor, Anne-Marie Stephenson, will cover many of the areas that could trip up even the most well-meaning organisations and at minimum, prevent funding and at worst, cause closure and criminal charges.