Annual Fundraising Conferences

The 2022 Annual Papillon Fundraising Conference was held online again.  The great speaker line up included: Keynote speaker, Birger Lundgren, innovator and social entrepreneur who is determined to find a solution to the apartheid-era of pit toilets that have STILL not been eradicated decades after democracy in South Africa.

Regular Papillon Conference presenter, Reana Rossouw, hosted a panel of donors: Derek Lubner (MAID Foundation), Fikile Kuhlase (Old Mutual), and Tebogo Molefe (IDC). Fundraising consultant, Melanie Jackson, and fellow experienced fundraisers, Marisol Gutierrez , Mike Mailula, Carolin Gomulia, and Blessing Tsiga, called for questions early in order to carefully prepare for the excellent advice that they shared. In keeping with the prepared question theme, another Papillon Conference regular and highly respected non-profit lawyer, Ricardo Wyngaard, called for questions ahead of the conference and, in line with his trademark thoroughness, provided many answers to the questions that plague our sector daily. Papillon founder, Jill Ritchie, addressed questions on one of her areas of speciality, raising money from the UK for organisations and universities outside of the UK.

Taking advantage of having to be online, outstanding global speakers contributed their wealth of knowledge: Ligia Pena, from Canada, on legacies, Jane de Ste Croix, from the UK, on a community fundraising initiative in honour of Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Dr Carolyne A. Opinde, also from the UK, reminded delegates that everyone in an organisation is (or should be!) a fundraiser.

Respected fundraising consultant, Merle Brown, shared an extensive list of sources of funding to challenge the thinking of the narrow sources of vitally needed money that, if not broadened, place organisations in jeopardy of closing. Anne-Marie Stephenson, who is not only a respected consultant but also passionate about ethics in the sector, shared obvious (but, sadly, sometimes missing) best-practices.

What would a Papillon Fundraising Conference be without the indomitable Ari Seirlis? Back again by popular demand, Ari encouraged everyone to investigate income-generating initiatives and move away from only raising money to resource their NPOs.

And a huge thank you to Arnold Netshambidi for updating delegates on the free and nearly-free software and tech support enabled by Phambano Technology Development Centre

NPO and fundraising consultant, Carolyn Gomulia, shared excellent tips on preparing winning proposals and consultant and Dalene Swart, highlighted potential support from payroll giving.

Two more Papillon Conference regulars, Catherine Du Plooy from BackaBuddy and Laura Bergh from The Greenlight Office, did not disappoint. Catherine shared wonderful insights into the Passion Economy and Laura, reminded everyone of how non-negotiable and vital having MEL systems in place to demonstrate impact (and not just to satisfy donors but as it’s the right thing to do). It was also great to have Ntsiki Dwangu back to share her tips on nurturing corporate donors, two years on.

Onyi Nwaneri is one of the few people who both understand the complexities of BBBEE legislation and, vitally, can impart how NPOs can benefit. Her talk was, once again, well received.

Delegates’ feedback demonstrated how impressed and moved they were by two incredible young men, Tsotang Mathabela and Anda Mazantsana, who had tough young lives and found themselves living on the streets of Cape Town. Given sanctuary by The Homestead, these amazing, strong adults are, today, part of an alumni group, formed by former Homestead residents, supporting children currently in the organisation’s care and each other, as a family. They demonstrated that alumni groups are not restricted to upmarket schools and tertiary institutions.

Papillon Fundraising Conferences always deliver something new and innovative. Delegates were delighted to have renowned playwright, Mike van Graan, tell about how a small initiative to support people in the performing arts, unable to work during the pandemic, has grown into the STAND Foundation.

I enjoyed the conference and it was very informative. The panel delivered presentations tailored to challenges that NPOs face during COVID-19 and alternatives to working through it. My colleague and I will share what we learned with the team next week. The topics were well chosen, and I look forward to the next conference. Much thanks and appreciation to Jill.

– Jade Lewis

It was the best online conference I have ever attended.  Jill was wonderful and a great MC and held the whole conference together so very well with all her amazing experience.  The experts that were called upon to give their time and knowledge and share their experience, were well selected.  Although I have been involved in the NPO field since 2005, I learnt so much and am still learning and would have been disappointed if I missed this wonderful conference.

– Diricilla Naidoo

Thank you for all your “behind-the-scenes” hard work.

The conference was so incredibly informative, and I am walking away from this with renewed energy and vigour to get going.

– Sandy Davies

Thank you so much for this, and the conference has been incredible and such amazing value for time and money!!

– Fiona Budd

The conference was very refreshing & insightful. I enjoyed the variety of topics and learned a lot. Congratulations to the Papillon team for putting together a fantastic conference at a very reasonable cost. Jill’s punctuality and adherence to the schedule were handled in a professional and strict manner, ensuring that delegates got the most out of the conference.

– Venessa Horn

Due to the pandemic, the 2021 Annual Papillon Fundraising Conference was held online.  The outstanding line up included: Keynote speaker, Gift of the Givers founder, Dr Imtiaz Sooliman, who received a virtual standing ovation (and went on to win the South African Person of the Year Award). CSI consultant, Reana Rossouw wowed everyone – as usual; Fundraising consultant and regular presenter at Papillon events, Ari Seirlis, spoke about sustainability in the ‘new normal’ and adjusting to fundraising and sustainability strategies to be relevant and successful in a pandemic;  Max Herberstein from Click Auction and Kevin Chaplin and Michelle Bagley from the Amy Foundation explained how to raise money from online auctions; Minah Koela from Beautiful Gate shared how they had successfully harnessed their networks for support at the outbreak of the pandemic.

Many delegates from rural areas commented that they had not been able to attend the Johannesburg or Cape Town conferences in the past due to travel and accommodation costs and welcomed the opportunity to participate online.

Thank you so much for the interesting conference. I thought last year’s conference was a mind-blowing event; this year was even better—excellent speakers and topics.

I am so happy I managed to join.

– Yael Tidhar

I want to congratulate everyone on a really fantastic and well organised event! All I can say is wow! Line-up was fantastic and as usual Jill is a fountain of knowledge.

– Jeanné Poultney

Thank you for the fantastic conference! It was so informative and covered such a wide range of topics. I learnt so much and left with so much more knowledge and inspiration and new ideas to apply in our work!

– Luami Zondagh

All speakers were excellent and had so much to give. It was quite overwhelming!

– Michèle Schiess

Thank you so much for the great advice and insights shared with us!

– Mogomotsi Norman

The last in-person Annual Papillon Fundraising Conferences were held in 2020 – in Johannesburg and Cape Town

Regular presenters at Papillon conferences, Patrick Schofield and Catherine du Plooy from BackaBuddy, shared tips on maximising income from crowdfunding; Papillon founder, Jill Ritchie, gave an update on accessing money from UK donors – her speciality area; acclaimed monitoring and evaluation fundi, Laura Bergh from Poverty Stop Light, discussed why both qualitative and quantitative data is required to articulate and best demonstrate to support donor partners; a panel from three NPOs successfully generating/earn (not raising) money, Jane Mills from NOAH, Lloyd Willians from the Sozo Foundation and Bradley Jones from CAFDA shared tips in Cape Town and Alison Mc Vey from Johannesburg Children’s Home and charity shop specialist, Sue Matthew, shared their knowledge in Johannesburg; Dianne Richards, Old Mutual’s Monitoring and  Evaluation Manager, provided a few reality checks. Highlight of the Johannesburg event was London based global South African, Jeanette Kruger, founder of Zabra who surprised delegates by handing over 1100 items of ladies underwear to those representing NPOs serving women.

Thank you so much for once again delivering an excellent event, you always manage to have a fresh spin on things and I always get so much out of Papillon conferences.

Every speaker was so helpful and professional, it really is such a gift to be a part of this every time and there is just so much one can always learn and garner from fellow colleagues and professionals in the space.

– Zina Rotherham

Thank you most sincerely for an extremely valuable and insightful conference.

– Anneliese Maritz

Thank you so much for an informative and useful conference. Well done on a great line up!

– Dwyn Griesel